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Millennials, in their 20s and 30s, are increasingly interested in investing. However, they struggle to enter the market due to lack of time, money and skills. Krona solves this problem by offering a simple platform that makes investing possible for anyone. It utilizes technology to remove need for effort and learning from the task. The Krona micro-investing platform, supported by cognitive science and behavioral finance, assuages millennials' need for public recognition and emotional validation without putting their money at risk, leading to their first investment and eventually financial independence.

This Company is currently supported by KTH Innovation and part of batch 14 in the Pre-incubator program (2021-22). The KTH Innovation Pre-incubator program is a 12 month program to accelerate the development of promising startup projects from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Startup projects receive extensive support from inhouse Business Development Coaches as well as additional support such as office space, community activities, access to industry, mentor and investor networks. 


As a team with over 20 years of combined experience in the software and fintech industry, and having  the experience of building enterprise level platform in our previous roles as Data Scientist, Product Manager and Solution Architect we are building Krona to empower the millennial generation to take the first step towards financial freedom, without anxiety.


Financial Marketing Intern

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Tomoya Narita


Business Developer

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Marcus Räisänen


Financial Analyst

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Mathias Andersson


Design Lead

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Tejkiran Besetti

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Akanshu Mahajan



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Shounak Chakraborty



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Parath Singh