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Subconscious Micro Investments

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The Venture Opportunity

Millennials aren't actively investing into their future

Millennials aren’t contributing too much towards sustainability

First time investors face investment anxiety & lack financial literacy

We offer subconscious micro investments, leading to financial independence

Encouraging baby steps and building confidence in the investment world

Offering profit sharing model for hassle free contribution towards social causes

What We Offer

 Carefree Investments


Anxiety-free investment

First mover advantage

in subconscious investment

Higher than market return

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Investment?

Why Sweden 


BankID is trusted by millennials and they are comfortable sharing their card information

Stockholm is the FinTech hub of the world and it offers the best ecosystem

People in Stockholm value sustainability strongly

How secure are you ?

Your information and transactions are secured by 256-bit SSL encryption, and we feature Bank-ID authentication for added security.

See what millennials have to say

This is a good start to investing and is not expensive. I would use it. It is nice that you can see more information if you want even though it is subconscious investing.

I like it, think I’ve seen a similar app in the US, but haven’t seen it in Sweden. Would use it.

I would definitely 
like to use it and would love to have a feature that donates my contribution towards




The Team

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Business and Strategics

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Akanshu Mahajan

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Operations and Technical Solutions

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Shounak Chakraborty


Back-end and Technical Solutions

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Parath Singh